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Hi, I'm Bishop Wayne Malcolm (the Business Bishop) and I would love to take you through the 4-step challenge that changed my life. These 4 steps, gave me absolute clarity about my own purpose and destiny, while unleashing the fountain of creativity, energy and strategy, that took my life, ministry and business to levels beyond my wildest imagination.

The Biblical Blueprint for Kingdom success, is total ALIGNMENT! This includes aligning your plans with God's purpose, your ambition with your assignment, your life with your legacy and your working life with your life's work!

The truth is, that God made each of us to manage a UNIQUE aspect of His work! When you discover that work, you have found your domain! Your domain is already loaded up with opportunities for prosperity, resources for results and gifts to grow.

Each step in this challenge serves to align your plans with God's purpose!

The Kingdom of God is within you and this challenge will get it out!


Your Presence On The Planet, In This Generation And Specific Location, Is Not An Accident; It's An Intervention!

My message is for Believers who are called to the marketplace as Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Influencers and Creators.
(EPIC - Ambassadors). Many believers, who are called to serve God in these EPIC capacities, are ‘lacking the backing’ of heaven on earth and struggle to produce the fruit! The good news is that God has a plan for your working life, and is ready to back your business, if aligned with his purpose! When your plans align with his purpose, your dreams with your destiny, your ambition with your assignment and your working life with your life’s work! Then and only then will you enter the arena of miracles, where all things are possible for you!
This is why I put together the Dominion Challenge. It's a coaching program designed for believers who sense that they are born to win and destined for greatness and yet feel that there is something missing!


I've included and amazing bonus!

Marketplace Leadership is a handbook on the healing of nations!

It sets out a case for belivers to become high achievers and outstanding leaders in all the spheres of social influence including civic, commercial, cultural and church leadership roles. Your calling is never limited by your circumstances. Instead, when God has chosen you for promotion, He will open the doors that no man can shut, promote you by fire or by favour, position you on purpose, prosper you in a famine and protect you from every weapon formed against you.

Thhis book is a must read for kingdom Citizens and Ambassadors! It's yours FREE when you join this program!


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Perhaps You Have Come To The Kingdom For Such A Time As This...

Join Bishop Wayne on the journey through 4 steps that guarantee an acceleration in your transformation and elevation to a new position of authority, influence, impact and legacy!

  • STEP 1: DEFINE YOUR DOMAIN - Achieve absolute clarity and certainty about your Purpose & Destiny in life!

  • STEP 2: DEVELOP YOUR DIFFERENCE - Achieve absolute clarity about the difference you ARE, the difference you BRING and the difference you MAKE!

  • STEP 3: DOMINATE YOUR DOMAIN - Achieve mastery of your craft, become skilful in execution, the best in your business and the king of your thing!

  • STEP 4: DEFEND YOUR DOMAIN - Protect your progress for generations to come with a compelling generational vision, complete with generational goals and strategies.